It’s easy to think that BB Guns and Airsoft guns are the same, after all of the ammo for Airsoft guns are known as BBs however there are a variety of differences between the two. BB guns came into existence in 1876, almost 100 years before Airsoft guns, and were mass produced two decades later allowing people to take BB projectiles.

Airsoft originated in Japan in the 1970s and was initially used for target practice until it had been used recreationally for war games and arrived in the UK in the 1980s. Airsoft guns weren’t only just manufactured for skirmishes but were created to mimic the look and feel of actual firearms

This is the first key difference between the two; BB guns generally do look like firearms but Airsoft guns are made to resemble certain versions throughout history or more contemporary versions.

Both guns fire BB pellets however Airsoft guns use plastic pellets that do little to no harm whilst BB guns fire metal or lead projectiles that has the potential to cause damage and/or harm based on the force and distance of the shot.

In the UK, there’s no real call for members of the public to have a BB gun because these are typically used for training or target practice. BB guns are more popular in areas like the USA where citizens may have a gun and would use BB guns as training.

Airsoft guns are used for conflict simulations held on a variety of sites across the UK and the world from skirmishes to military simulation; militaries can also frequently make use of Airsoft guns for training purposes.

The two Airsoft guns and BB guns are capable of creating strong shots with a possible speed of 500fps but the substance used for the pellets create BB gun shots capable of causing damage to people, animals or property.

The ammunition used for BB guns also makes them more precise than Airsoft guns as the steel and lead pellets are more resistant to wind and other conditions keeping their trajectory naturally.

Airsoft weapons tend to be customisable or include attachments that could help combat wind resistance like the hop-up system that improves precision over long distances to place it level with and possibly past the truth of BB guns. Both kinds of firearms can be as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be. Simpler versions of BB guns and Airsoft guns without a range of unique features can be relatively affordable.

Guns with additional features, made from more durable materials or designed to seem like a distinct iconic version can make BB guns and Airsoft guns a superior buy.

The extra expense of Airsoft guns comes in the accessories and maintenance for the gun in addition to costs associated with frequently taking part in skirmishes or milsim or alternative Airsoft events.

Airsoft guns and its plastic pellets makes it convenient to be used against other people in such events so long as everyone wears eye protection whilst BB guns shouldn’t be used against individuals.

Some BB pellets for Airsoft guns are bio-degradable so that after it’s taken and drops to the floor, it will eventually return into the earth.

Neither sort of gun ought to be carried in public no matter how fake it looks (Airsoft guns specifically can be two-tone meaning they’re brightly colored ) so they have to be stored away if you’re carrying them to an event.

For somebody to get an Airsoft gun, they need to be at least 18 years old and will have to become a registered member in a skirmish site and play for three or more times over two months.

Otherwise, these may be used for historic re-enactments, such as a museum or for movie and tv production.

Further steps are essential if you would like to get a Realistic Imitation Firearm to your Airsoft gun collection.

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