Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat

Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat is a very good heater for tanks that are small and have limited space for tank maintenance. The Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat comes in two types, which are the high temperature heater and the low temperature heater. It is one of the best heater available in the market and it comes with two separate controls to control temperature.

The high temperature heaters are able to maintain an optimal tank temperature. The control button is located at the front end of the heater where it can be reached by hands. If you are using this heater in your aquarium, then you need not worry about maintaining a low temperature.

These days, there are many Eheim heaters available in the market and most of them have advanced temperature regulating abilities which are very helpful for pet owners. In addition to that, these heaters come in different sizes and there are those that are designed for tanks that are larger than 15 gallons.

Most of the heaters come with their own thermostats, which can be manually adjusted depending on the water temperature. The thermostats of these heaters come in several different temperature ranges. For instance, the low temperature thermostat is ideal for tanks with warm water. However, you need to place this thermostat on the lower temperature range.

The high temperature thermostat works well for tanks with cold water. You can also set this thermostat on the mid-range temperature range for tanks with low temperatures. The heater comes with safety switches to avoid overheating and if it senses any danger, it will shut off the heater automatically.

There are some heater models of Eheim that come with remote controls for temperature control. The remote control feature is convenient when you want to operate the heater without having to physically reach over the tank. With the help of this remote control feature, you can easily operate the temperature control with just a touch of a button.

Another great feature of the Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat is the easy to use buttons. This Thermostat has four main buttons, which are located at the bottom side of the tank. They are labeled “on”, “off”, “low”, “middle” and “high”.

In general, the Eheim Jager Aquarium Heater is one of the best types of aquarium heater available in the market and you cannot go wrong with it. Its thermostat is easy to use and you can operate it from any distance. You can also operate it on batteries or on an electric power supply.

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